Senior Symposium 2021

On December 13th, 2021, the Magnet senior class presented their summer internship work and projects to the Camas School District school board and community at the Zellerbach Administration Center. After the poster fair, staff, students, and community convened for the regular school board meeting to hear formal presentations of internships by seniors Kevin Klave, Nels Martin, and Rosie Kuhle.

Mr. Klave and Mr. Martin completed an engineering internship this past summer at local company nLight.  Here’s the abstract for their project: “The Mach Zehnder interferometer is a scientific instrument that splits a beam of light into two parallel beams and then recombines them to produce an interference pattern. By measuring changes in the interference pattern, one can determine the phase shift of one of the beams, which is caused either by an increase in path length of the beam or by passing the beam through a transparent material. In this project, a Mach Zehnder interferometer was constructed to test a component of a 3-d camera for the company nLight. An infrared semiconductor fiber laser was used to construct the interferometer, and after calibration the expected interference pattern was successfully observed with a camera. The interferometer will be used by nLight to measure the change in index of refraction caused by passing electricity through a Pockels cell. where they worked with lasers to researched the efficacy of printer friction pads.” Poster: Configuring a Mach-Zehnder Interferometer to Measure Refractive Index of Pockel Cells

Ms. Kuhle conducted an internship at Lord Hill Regional Park, located in Snohomish, WA, researching their use policies and gathering park user data to update a use policy from the 90s. Here’s her abstract: “This park currently runs under a supplemental master plan from 1996, which has outdated maps and assessments of user groups. The two main user groups highlighted in that plan are equestrians and hikers, however mountain biking has become a popular sport at the park. Because mountain biking became popular after the implementation of the 1996 master plan, there are little specifications written about bike trails and regulations. My survey administration at Lord Hill Regional Park was intended to gather quantitative and qualitative information that the Snohomish Parks and Recreation department could use to develop an updated master plan. The results suggest that park satisfaction and sense of safety is high among all user groups. The results also suggest that roughly 30% of users have gotten lost in the park, and up to 50% have had conflict with other user groups. These data may be considered when determining the next steps for managing Lord Hill Regional Park.” Poster:  Park Management at Lord Hill Regional Park

Congratulations, seniors, on completing your internships and moving one step closer to graduation!


Mr. Greene and the MST Staff

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