Magnet “Half-Nighter”

One of the most beloved traditions in the MST Magnet is our annual “Overnighter” event where we spend the night at school and play games, watch movies, share food, etc. We’re still not ready for the full scope and scale of this event in the midst of a pandemic, but, alas, we are ready for a “Half-Nighter”, and that’s just what happened this past weekend on Friday night, November 12th. From 4:30-11:30, staff and approximately 100 of our students gathered at school, minus the food, minus the sleeping bags, and played games and once again enjoyed each other’s company. Highlights of the night included riveting Jenga matches, cut throat spoons games, ping pong, spike ball, and, of course “Mafia”! Thank you to the Magnetos and staff who made this possible.


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