MIT BWSI 2022 Virtual Summer Institute

Greetings, Magnetos! The MIT (Yes, that MIT) Beaver Works Summer Institute (BWSI) is a rigorous, world-class STEM program for motivated high school student . This four-week virtual program teaches STEM skills through project-based, workshop-style courses.

The Beaver Works Summer Institute is pleased to announce that they will have 13 virtual program offerings for summer 2022.  To begin the process of pre-qualifying to apply for the summer institute, students will work through a series of prerequisite self-paced units.  Participation and performance in the online curriculum during the winter (starting in early February) will be one of the metrics used to determine acceptance into the 4-week program being held in July 2022, which will be taught over the summer at a higher level and will address more research-oriented technologies, techniques, tools, and applications. Check out the summer offerings and program info here: BWSI Pamphlet/Brochure

We’ve had quite a few Magnetos and other CHS students over the last few years take advantage of the MIT BWSI, which is a pretty remarkable experience from what I can gather.  Spend a month over the summer working with MIT professors and motivated students from all over the U.S. doing super cool science stuff?  Sounds like a winner to me.  Anyone interested? 


  • They are attending high school in US or US citizen abroad
  • They have demonstrated technical ability (evidenced by recommendations from school ofcials, test scores, coursework, grades, and extracurricular activities)
  • They have completed the lessons in the online tutorial for their desired project
  • Online course starts February 2022 (prerequisite in order to apply to the July program)
  • Virtual BWSI runs July 11 – August 7 2022*
  • To get more information about the program and application process:
  • Nominate yourself here: Student Self-Registration Link

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