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Sample Schedule

MST Magnet course credits are denoted in bold and represent in the freshmen and sophomore years an integrated education designed to enhance learning opportunities and help students achieve broader program goals.  In grades 11 and 12, students may opt for additional, specialized science, technology, engineering, or math classes, but it is not required. Many options are available for students to meet their graduation requirements through the regular six period day at CHS, via zero or seventh period, and in some cases through independent study. Required courses are bolded.

Required and Recommended Course Schedule


Periods Grade 9 Grade 10 Grade 11 Grade 12
1 AP Environmental Science AP Biology AP Chemistry AP Physics
2 Pre-AP English 9 Pre-AP English 10 English 11 or AP English 11 English 12 or AP English 12
3 Algebra II Accelerated Algebra II or Pre-Calc w/ Math Analysis Pre-Calc w/ Math Analysis or AP Calculus AP Calculus or AP Statistics
4 Elective* (AP Human Geography recommended) World History or AP World History U.S. History or AP U.S. History CWI or AP U.S. Gov’t and Politics
5 Principles of Technology & Engineering Design Elective* Elective* Elective*
6 Elective* (half-semester PE; half-semester health recommended) Elective* Elective* Elective*
X  X  MST Research 10


MST Research 11


PE (independent study)*

MST Research 12

PE (independent study)*

*Recommended electives include but are not limited to foreign language, band, choir, art, additional APs, etc. Students must also fulfill all other graduation requisites, including the PE/Health requirements either in the regular CHS schedule, through independent study, and/or outside options. For more on this, visit the following: CHS PE/Health