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Jan 18

MST 2018-19 Admissions Timeline Finalized

See below for important dates and deadlines related to this year’s CHS MST Magnet admissions process. Our application goes live by the end of next week. For more information about the admissions process, visit our admissions page: MST Admissions Portal

Mar 22

Admissions Decision Update

The MST staff are in the process of finalizing admissions decisions for the 2018-19 cohort. We expect to notify families by the middle part of next week, 03/28/18, at the earliest. Thank you again for your interest in the program.

Mar 07

Admissions Testing Scheduled for Monday, 03/12/18

Thank you for your interest in the MST Magnet program. Students who have submitted an application by the deadline of this Friday, March 9th, by 3:00 PM, are eligible to take the admissions test. Here is some information on the testing portion of the admissions process that we’ve publicized. The testing date is Monday, March 12th, and it will take place in the North Commons at …

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Jan 17

Admissions Timeline for 2018 Published

All programs at CHS are shifting back their timelines for info/admission by about a month this year. See below for the newly adopted admissions timeline for the MST Magnet. Email sam.greene@camas.wednet.edu with questions.

Apr 17

Magnet Promo Video

The District asked us to come up with a short video that makes use of our students in describing the program, its benefits, whether or not to apply if you’re on the fence, etc.  We asked the questions, the kids answered them.  Here’s our finished product.  Thank you, Magnet student ambassadors for your help with …

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Feb 22

MST Admissions Timeline Updated

The effects of this winter’s many inclement weather days continue to reverberate as we move down the final stretch of the MST admissions and recruitment process. See below for the updates to our timeline. For the purpose of forecasting (if it happens prior to admissions decisions on 3/17/17), students should forecast for their “normal” coursework. …

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Feb 02

College Admissions and the “GPA Game”

Sophomore Magnet English students had a wonderful visit today from our esteemed Magnet counselor Mrs. Liebe. She walked us through an activity called “The GPA Game”, where students assume an identity and move up and down the ladder of admissions based on their fictional profile’s characteristics: GPA, extracurricular involvement, family connections, work history, etc. It …

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Jan 18

Final (we hope …) Admissions Timeline Update

Here’s what we hope will be our final revision this year to the MST admissions timeline!  See below first table for the schedule for the middle school visitation. Admissions Timeline DATE: TIME: EVENT: LOCATION: 1/24/17 8:25-10:15 AM SKY and 9:00-10:50 AM LIB LIB & SKY Algebra I and Geometry students visit CHS MST Magnet Program CHS …

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Jan 12

Admissions Timeline Updated

Due to the recent spate of inclement weather, we have updated the admissions timeline to allow for the missed days and rescheduled events. Here it is: Admissions Timeline DATE: TIME: EVENT: LOCATION: 1/17/17 8:25-10:15 AM SKY and 9:00-10:50 AM LIB LIB & SKY Algebra I and Geometry students visit CHS MST Magnet Program CHS rooms: …

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Jan 06

01/10 Lib/Sky Schedule for MST Magnet Visit

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