Our Camas High School MST Magnet graduates attend colleges and universities all over the United States. To see a Google Map of where our graduates have chosen to attend school, visit the following: CHS Magnet Graduates

Also, to give you a sense of the range of experiences our graduates are having and how the Magnet and CHS have prepared them, consider the following alumni profiles:


University of Washington

Joanna Liao, Magnet / CHS class of 2012, is currently studying at University of Washington. She is planning to major in molecular biology and minor in chemistry. In addition to her coursework, she’s also an undergraduate researcher at Jing Zhang Pathology Lab, where she is studying Parkinson’s Disease. Her high school internship at the Parkinson Center of Oregon @ OHSU helped set her up for this internship. Joanna says that the Magnet program “taught (her) professional communication skills, confident speaking skills, and how it feels to have a job/internship in the real world environment.” She also says that Camas’s AP classes gave her the knowledge needed to do well in UW’s rigorous courses. Joanna’s favorite Magnet memory is going to the Shakespeare Festival in Ashland, where she got to bond more with her classmates and explore English literature in a new way. Joanna plans to become a MD or PhD, continue her research on the pathology of Parkinson’s Disease, and work to better the geriatric community.


Noah Wachlin is currently attending the United States Naval Academy.  He graduated from Magnet / CHS with the class of 2013. He recently declared systems engineering as his major. The Academy offers many internship and summer training opportunities to its midshipmen, especially those who are “high-validators, which (his) involvement with the Magnet Program and AP courses at CHS allowed (him) to be,” he said. According to him, The Magnet program helped develop a lot of the research, public speaking, and leadership skills needed to survive at the Naval Academy. After graduation he plans on being a submarine officer or an aviator before entering the private sector to pursue his interests in nuclear energy. His favorite Magnet memories are of our field trips to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival in Ashland, Oregon, and of staying up too late at the  Imagine Tomorrow competition playing Catch Phrase with his teachers and peers.

United States Naval Academy


University of Washington

Victor Zhang, a Magnet / CHS class of 2012 graduate,  is currently studying computer engineering at the University of Washington. After college, Victor plans on working in either a hardware or software position for a video game   designing company. According to Victor, the Magnet research projects and opportunities have prepared him well for college. He says that these projects have given him “experience in communicating with mentors and officials, which is very useful when looking for internships or research during college.” His favorite memory of his years in the Magnet program was his sophomore year filming then showing of his group’s Star Wars themed Shakespeare video project.


Charis Holscher currently studies at the University of Wyoming in Laramie. She is studying mathematics and has worked as a Supplemental Instruction Leader to assist students with Calc I.  She’s on target for a 2016 graduation. According to Charis, a Magnet / CHS class of 2013 graduate, “The Magnet taught me a degree of professionalism that many college students lack, whether they are freshmen or an upperclassmen.” Among her most memorable Magnet moments would be the trip to Ashland to visit the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. She’d love to teach math at the high school or community college level, and once she’s gotten a few years under her belt, she’d like to simultaneously teach and obtain her Masters’ in Teaching, Curriculum, & Instruction.

University of Wyoming


New York University

Deborah Lubanga, a Magnet / CHS class of 2012 graduate, is a student at New York University double majoring in journalism and history with a minor in web programming and applications.  She is a College Leader in the College of Arts & Science, acting as a mentor to a group of 36 first-year students.  Additionally, she’s a Presidential Honors Scholar in the College of Arts & Science.  She says that “The Scholar program kind of reminds me of the Magnet program in the sense that I am expected to apply for grants and do research projects as an undergraduate. I am still hammering out the details of what I want to research first, but I am really interesting in the notion of “fandom” among teenage girls.” Besides those endeavors, she’s also spent some time writing for the Feature’s Desk at Washington Square News, NYU’s daily student newspaper. Among her favorite Magnet moments would be her freshman trip to the Imagine Tomorrow competition, as well as seeing Macbeth on the Magnet field trip to Ashland.

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