At the heart of the coursework students engage in for the MST Magnet is the year-long, team-based research and investigation on a topic of limited choice. This project is the vehicle by which students learn the research process, specific skills related to it, and apply the learning from their core Magnet math, science, and engineering classes. Key performances related to this include the development of a research paper, an investigation, a poster overview of their project, and presentation of conclusions. At each grade level, students practice, refine, and hone the skills required to complete the research process with success.

In sum, each year of the program represents an opportunity to go deeper with the process and build confidence in students’ ability to work more independently within it. Freshmen, sophomores, and seniors will complete research projects as part of the required Magnet experience. The seniors’ projects can be embedded with their internship experience. Juniors can elect to conduct a research project, if they’d like, which can be entered into numerous competitions, but there is no formal requirement for research at the junior level. The bulk of their time is devoted to preparing for their internships they’ll conduct over the summer leading into their senior year.

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