Staying Engaged: Juniors and Seniors

I reached out to our juniors and seniors earlier this week to see how they’ve spent some of their time given the extraordinary turn of events we’ve all experienced in the last couple of weeks. I asked each student in that group the following question(s):

“What have you been doing to stay “engaged” in your life and learning lately given the abrupt shift we’re all experiencing? BTW: Learning doesn’t necessarily mean studying. For instance, I’ve been working on my guitar and bass playing, listening to audiobooks with my family, and taking gloriously long walks each day. Would you be willing to share a photo or video to provide context for the activities you’ve been engaged in?”

We had a remarkable range of responses covering everything from traditional studying, canoeing, painting, crocheting, etc. Here’s a compilation of some of the ways in which time has been spent:

  • Victor Wu (12): Well…I spent the first week probably just goofing off and either wasting time. I think I got sick of it a few days ago because I missed the structure and schedule that my day used to have. So as a result the past few days I’ve been scheduling time blocks to accomplish certain tasks: AP Prep, classwork, revisiting old subjects, practicing languages, drawing, exercise, music. I think something I enjoy right now is being able to have control over what I want to do in the day and how much time I wish to spend. Digital art, something I haven’t really been able to delve into now has time to be worked one. I can practice kendo more now that swimming is canceled
  • Justine Pendergraft (11): I’ve been playing a lot of Minecraft and some D&D, learning how to play the guitar, and doing a lot of gardening (I’ve got about a dozen seedlings from acorns I collected in Ashland and downtown Camas in the fall, as well as a few other types of trees). I’ve got a few projects I’ve always wanted to do, so I’ll probably be working on those in the next few weeks.
  • Chloe Higgins (12) I’ve also been practicing guitar! As well as painting postcards, making jewelry, cooking, singing, and reading Shakespeare! Oh I also started a fashion Instagram where I can document my outfits! If quarantine is like the dark ages, then I’m gonna come out of it ready for a renaissance!!
  • George Walker (11) Working on guitar playing. I’ve also been softmodding my 3ds and am working on a port of a cpp compiler for it.
  • Faith Bergstrom (11) I’ve baked bread twice this week, and I’ve also been crocheting and embroidering. I’ve been listening to podcasts while doing that too. I just ordered Animal Crossing, so I’m looking forward to playing that
  • Daisy Wagner (11) I’ve been working on improving my art skills, by painting and doing digital art! I even started an art Instagram account to post things.
  • Julian McComie (11) I’ve finally had the chance to read like I used to; right now I’m reading the Count of Monte Cristo and Scientific American. I’ve been watching a ton of Jeopardy to make up for the surely cancelled state tournament. I drove up to the Gifford Pinchot forest and walked around for a few hours. I went canoeing alone overnight a few nights ago on Lacamas Lake. I greatly underestimated the length of Lacamas Lake, but I told myself I would go from one end to the other and back. I took me about 3 hours, and it was 36 degrees outside.
  • Ryan Glaze (11) I’ve been sick the whole time so I’m just sort of here, but I’ve been listening to music and when I get better I’m gonna make the best of the situation, I’m not sure how yet though
  • Sophia Nelson (11) I have been using my free time to paint! I never have much time during school unless I sacrifice a few hours of sleep, so I’ve been enjoying having time to work on painting and drawing.

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