Staying Engaged: Freshmen, Sophomores, Staff

I’ve been checking in with freshmen and sophomore students and staff this past week about how they’ve spent some of their time given the extraordinary turn of events we’ve all experienced in the last couple of weeks. Not as many responses from them as I had from juniors and seniors, but they are staying busy. I asked each student and staff member the following question(s):

“What have you been doing to stay “engaged” in your life and learning lately given the abrupt shift we’re all experiencing? BTW: Learning doesn’t necessarily mean studying. For instance, I’ve been working on my guitar and bass playing, listening to audiobooks with my family, and taking gloriously long walks each day. Would you be willing to share a photo or video to provide context for the activities you’ve been engaged in?”

  • Aiden Bai (9): Recently, Ashton D, Naoto, Ben S, Mr. Jiang, and I created a online platform. It’s essentially a platform that allows students, parents, and Camas families to exchange necessary information and materials during the COVID-19 situation. It initially started out as a 10 hour hackathon, but we’ve been continuing development because of the potential of the idea. Website:
  • Sunny Wang (10): I’ve been spending most of my time practicing piano, and I am working on learning several new programming languages and how not to feed in league. I am also sleeping over ten hours a day which feels amazing.
  • Jennifer Roberts (Staff): I have to say as an introvert I have felt like Zoom and other digital resources has provided for more opportunities to engage and connect with kids and staff on a more individualized basis this past week. I have been sharing how to use Book Creator, practicing the features of Zoom, and frequently updating the class google sites with all the resources teachers are sharing across the nation. And yes- to be perfectly honest- I have still been obsessing and reading about the Coronavirus studies. It hasn’t been all work though, I have had a chance to learn how to use my rock tumbler, brought home 4 baby chickens from LJC and all the school pets to monitor from home- and put in 2 new algae eaters into my inside tank. I am about to start growing some plants with my youngest- four our seed germination lab time! I have enjoyed the opportunity to help out my parents more than I have been able to in the past, getting them groceries and taking their puppy Cooper in for his vaccinations. My youngest sister keeps posting workweek hustle challenges on our Fitbit apps- so I am out walking to get my steps in- so far I have not been winning 🙁 I do miss seeing all your smiling faces quite a bit!

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