2020 SWWRSEF Results

Last Friday, March 6, 2020,  33 CHS/MST students competed in a variety of categories at the Southwest Washington Regional Science and Engineering Fair at Washington State University Vancouver. Students presented their research to judges and the community and brought home a ton of prizes. See the full listing below:

Students Project Title Awards
Seung Choi, Minjae Dang, and Kevin Klave Viability of 3D Printed Casts in Modern Medicine: Are they really better? Engineering Mechanics-1st Place
Aiden Stewart and Andrew Wessel Aquaponics: Food of the Future Plant Sciences-1st Place
Ricoh Sustainable Development Award
Ashton Doane, Robert Spencer, and Sunny Wang Automating Music Transcription Through Machine Learning Systems Software-2nd Place
Justine Pendergraft and Gareth Starratt Implementing visible and thermal imaging techniques for Disease and invasive species analysis in forestry. Environmental Engineering-2nd Place
BPA Tour Award
Aiden Bai, Minwoo Dang, Austin Shin Filtering Microfibers Environmental Engineering-Honorable Mention
Naval Science Award
Stockholm Junior Water Prize
Paige Frawley, Ava Wagner, and Stefanie Valent-Musleh Chemically Modifying Plastic to Facilitate Degradation by Mealworms Earth and Environmental Science-2nd Place
U.S. Air Force Award
Sarah Luo, Ananya Pattamatta, and Selina Zou Analyzing Chemical Content of Water in Camas, WA Earth and Environmental Science-3rd Place
Sydney Apacible, Lucia Jiang, and Ting-Syuan Lai The E. coli-Eating Mushrooms Microbiology-3rd Place
Anabel Jiang and Lena Trieu Using Micrococcus luteus to Sustainably Dye Cloth Microbiology-Honorable Mention
Lisel Shyam Is the amount of mold and the type of preservatives used related? Microbiology-Honorable Mention
Pauline Do and
Natalie Ge
The Healing Capabilities of Trichoderma reesei in Concrete Materials Science-3rd Place
Imogen Hinchliff and Rose Kuhle Naturopathic Preventions for Escherichia coli Biomedical and Health Sciences-3rd Place
U.S. Agency for International Development Award
Katrina Le, Vivian Lu, and Ishan Mehta Algae Biofuel Energy: Sustainable Materials and Design-3rd Place

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