“Table Reading” of Julius Caesar Video Project Script!

Sophomore magnet students use Chromebooks to do a table reading of a draft of a shared screenplay they’ve written together for the Julius Caesar video assignment.  As they read through the document, they digitally dialogue and make edits via the shared Drive document they’ve created.

JC Table Read.

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About every other year we take MST magnet students to Ashland to see plays at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. It serves as a community builder, but it also supports and nurtures the connection between the English course work students do and the work they do in MST.

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A fishy invader


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SEF Bremerton … ready for the awards


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Magnet students attempt to pick up with chopsticks as many jelly beans as possible in 30 seconds to unpack Malcolm Gladwell’s ideas about practice and opportunity in his chapter on The 10000 Hour Rule. Student designed and taught lesson.

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Samsung Tablets


Sophomore magnet students study for a grammar quiz using the new CHS Samsung Galaxy Tab cart.

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Sophomore magnetos deep in thought in their English class


Lord of the Flies …

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Mr. Wright at work with sophomore magnetos …


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MST staffs the CEF Auction


Four of our intrepid crew.

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Sophie speaking with Professor Dennis Lettenmaier at the Washington State Academy of Sciences

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