You’re Invited: MST Research Symposium

We’d like to cordially invite you to join us for the 15th annual Camas High School MST Magnet Program Student Research Symposium, on Wednesday, May 25th, 2022, in the CHS commons and theater, from about 6-7:45pm.

At this event, students from grades 9-12 will present their research findings from this year’s study of a wide range of project topics, showcasing their hard work in the program and getting a chance to demo their findings in front of a live audience of peers, mentors, and parents. In the second half of the evening, a few of these students will also make formal presentations of their work and MST experiences in the theater.

We look forward to seeing you at Camas High School on Wednesday, May 25th, 2022. Please join us in celebrating their work!

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MST Jr. Aiden Bai Places at 2022 ISEF

Congratulations are in order for CHS/MST junior Aiden Bai who placed 3rd in the Systems Software category on May 13th, 2022, at the 2022 Regeneron International Science and Engineering Fair. Aiden’s project and presentation of his Million.js: A Fast, Compiler-Augmented Virtual DOM for Performant JavaScript UI Libraries earned him high recognition in his field and an award of $1,000. Congratulations, Aiden!

Student winners are in ninth through twelfth grades who earned the right to compete at the Regeneron ISEF 2022 by winning a top prize at a local, regional, state or national science fair.

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MST Breakfasts Return after 2.5 Year Hiatus

In a “typical” school year we have two MST parent sponsored breakfasts. During the first semester, we usually have one on the Friday before winter break. The second semester breakfast usually takes place on a Friday before AP exams begin. Our last breakfast was about two and half years ago, in December 2019. You know the reason why.

The joy in the faces of students, staff, and parents was evident on Friday, 04/29, as we met before school in rooms 507 and 508 to scarf down pastries, casseroles, and various savory and sweet treats donated by the MST parent group. It was a welcome celebration and gathering after a long break from the fabled MST breakfasts. Thank you to the MST parent group for coming to our aide to revive this beloved tradition. And best of luck to all as we head into the AP testing next week and beyond … Cheers!

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Two Roads Diverged in the Woods

We love hearing from our graduates and seeing how the varied paths they diverge onto after graduation take them to great places near and far. Last week we heard from 2017 CHS/MST graduate Jason Kim who was excited to share a personal update and an unexpected but serendipitous reunion he recently had with another 2017 CHS/MST grad. Who better than he to relay this in his own words?

“Just wanted to share a cool update/coincidence. After graduating CHS in 2017, I went off to study undergraduate at Princeton while Nathan Chilian went off to study at the military academy at West Point. While at Princeton I joined the Army ROTC program and was commissioned in 2021 as an Infantry Officer. Similarly, Nathan also commissioned in 2021 as an Infantry Officer and we both were sent to Fort Benning, GA for basic infantry officer training (though at slightly different times). In February, however, we both started the Army’s Ranger School at the exact same time and were put in the same platoon and ended up going straight through and graduated together today. Just thought I’d share this fun example of two magnetos going off on two diverging paths only to meet up together at the same time and place unexpectedly!”

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MST Students Excel at WSSEF

MST students in grades 9-11 recently competed in the Washington State Science and Engineering Fair. Many of them took home awards and honors.  Congratulations, Magnetos! Here’s a summary of awards that were reported:

MST Junior Aiden Bai:

  • South Sound Regional SEF – 2nd place overall + ISEF qualification
  • WA state SEF – 1st place qualification, Top 20 (3rd round)
  • Summary: A Fast, Compiler-Augmented Virtual DOM for Performant JavaScript UI Libraries (; Project Overview Video;

MST Sophomores Emilio Sanchez and Madi Williams:

  • WA state SEF – 3rd place in Biomedical Science category
  • Summary: Our project involved using a force plate to measure the postural sway of athletes before and after practice with the goal of assessing the effect of fatigue on the balance and fall risk of athletes as it relates to injuries.

MST Sophomore Heather Wu:

  • WA state SEF – 3rd place in Biomedical and Health Sciences category
  • Summary: We are testing to see how exercise will affect an athlete’s balance by measuring their balance before and after their practice. The test groups were differentiated by sport: soccer and swimming.

MST Freshmen Alex McNutt and Jenny Wang:

  • WA state SEF – 2nd place in Material Sciences category
  • Summary: Our project is about the corrosive and erosive effects of seawater/saltwater on common building materials (wood, steel, and concrete).

MST Freshman Yuna Lee:

  • WA state SEF – 2nd place in Earth and Environmental Science.
  • Summary: The goal of this project was to see if green cleaners could be a proper substitute for toxic commercial cleaners when disinfecting bacteria.

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MST Sr. Sunny Wang Honored Twice!

Congratulations are in order for MST Sr. Sunny Wang. He was recently named as a finalist in the 80th Regeneron Science Talent Search AND as a National Merit Scholar Finalist! Wow!

For his efforts in the Science Talent Search, Sunny earned a $2,000 award, as well as an additional $2,000 to be put back into STEM education and project study here at CHS. As for being named a National Merit Finalist, what does that entail? Sunny likely scored in the top 1% of all juniors in our state who took the PSAT last year then was selected from a nationwide pool of some 16,000 Semifinalists to become a Finalist. Double wow!

From the Regeneron Science Talent Search Press Release: “On behalf of Society for Science and Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc., we are pleased to notify you that Sunny Wang has been named one of the top 300 young scientists of the 80th Regeneron Science Talent Search. Your school is one of 185 across the U.S. from which one or more Regeneron STS Scholars were named this year. This is a proud reflection on your school and its educators who support dedicated young researchers, particularly in an era that has presented so many challenges.”

Let’s go!

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MST Jr. Joy Young Named Honorable Mention

MST Jr. Joy Young was recently awarded the 2022 Oregon and Southwest Washington Affiliate
Honorable Mention distinction from the Aspirations in Computing program. Ms. Young was selected from a field of nearly 3500 applicants. Congratulations, Joy!

What’s AiC? “NCWIT Aspirations in Computing (AiC) changes what’s possible for women in technology from K-12 through career by offering the kind of encouragement that combats isolation, enables long-term persistence, opens doors, and changes lives. AiC uses program elements that spark interest in computing (AspireIT); recognizes and celebrates women’s technical aspirations and abilities, as well as the educators who support them (AiC Award Recognitions); and, provides an expansive, supportive network (AiC Community). Find out more about each of these program elements below.”

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A Portrait of the Artists as Young Sophomores

MST sophomores recently finished their reading of Lord of the Flies and were challenged as part of their final assessment to create an artistic “sketch” or interpretation (colored, penciled, digitized, etc.) that blended both universal and constructed symbols from the book to show their understanding of symbolism and how the author used these to convey a major theme they had identified. Who says we can’t “draw”!?!?

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Team 2471 Unveils Vulcan Video

Team 2471 unveils this year’s robot. Check it out … Let’s go!

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MST Admissions Testing Info for Applicants

This information is intended for students who completed the application process and submitted all components of their application:

Thank you for your interest in becoming part of the MST Magnet program. Here is the information on testing that we mentioned we would share with you. Students will need to wear a mask and follow all social distancing protocols.

The testing date is Tuesday, March 8. Students should be dropped off at the CHS North Commons (back of the school) between 4:00-4:10. Bussing from middle schools is not provided. Upon entering the North Commons, students should leave their bags/backpacks along the wall. Their cell phones should be in their backpacks.

Students should find an open seat and wait for proctors to go over testing instructions. The test consists of 3 parts: Verbal, Math, and a Writing Prompt. You should plan on picking up your student at the North Commons at approximately 7:30 PM.

Students should bring several #2 pencils for the test. They may also bring a water bottle and a snack. We have a couple of breaks built in. They will not need to bring a calculator, as they are not allowed on the math section.

If you have any questions, please contact Tom Morris at Camas High School.


The CHS MST Staff

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