MST Students Excel at WSSEF

MST students in grades 9-11 recently competed in the Washington State Science and Engineering Fair. Many of them took home awards and honors.  Congratulations, Magnetos! Here’s a summary of awards that were reported:

MST Junior Aiden Bai:

  • South Sound Regional SEF – 2nd place overall + ISEF qualification
  • WA state SEF – 1st place qualification, Top 20 (3rd round)
  • Summary: A Fast, Compiler-Augmented Virtual DOM for Performant JavaScript UI Libraries (; Project Overview Video;

MST Sophomores Emilio Sanchez and Madi Williams:

  • WA state SEF – 3rd place in Biomedical Science category
  • Summary: Our project involved using a force plate to measure the postural sway of athletes before and after practice with the goal of assessing the effect of fatigue on the balance and fall risk of athletes as it relates to injuries.

MST Sophomore Heather Wu:

  • WA state SEF – 3rd place in Biomedical and Health Sciences category
  • Summary: We are testing to see how exercise will affect an athlete’s balance by measuring their balance before and after their practice. The test groups were differentiated by sport: soccer and swimming.

MST Freshmen Alex McNutt and Jenny Wang:

  • WA state SEF – 2nd place in Material Sciences category
  • Summary: Our project is about the corrosive and erosive effects of seawater/saltwater on common building materials (wood, steel, and concrete).

MST Freshman Yuna Lee:

  • WA state SEF – 2nd place in Earth and Environmental Science.
  • Summary: The goal of this project was to see if green cleaners could be a proper substitute for toxic commercial cleaners when disinfecting bacteria.

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