Mar 28

WSSEF 2018 Results

34 of our students competed in the Washington State Science and Engineering Fair this past weekend. Congratulations to all of them who represented our school and their research with pride. Particular shout-outs go to the following people:


  • Alex Gee, Mark Robinson, and Jaden Le: 1st place in Environmental Engineering
  • Owen Baenen and Justine Pentergraft: 1st place in Energy
  • Gareth Starratt, George Walker, and Auny Kussad: 2nd place in Microbiology
  • Kate Staddon, Sophia Nelson, and  Rylee Ruark: 1st place in Environmental Science
  • Ben Saunders and Austin Ye: 1st place in Mechanical Engineering, $8000 Embry Riddle Launch Scholarship, U.S. Air Force Award for an Outstanding SEF Project, Excellence in Aeronautics Award
  • Michael Lee and Andrew Kim: 1st place in Environmental Science
  • Joey Stanley, Wilson Fresh, and Tyler Stanley: 1st place in Environmental Engineering
  • Tyler Gee and Julian McOmie: US Army Award


  • Hannah Tangen, Kathryn Wynn, and Sierra Mellor: 1st place in Environmental Engineering
  • Jacob Mukobi: 2nd place in Environmental Engineering category.
  • Junha Lee: 1st place in Microbiology category; US Army STEM Award, Wolfram Alpha STEM Award
  • Alexis Howard: 2nd place in Computational Engineering


  • Rahul Ram: 2nd place in Computational Biology


  • Duy Vuong: 1st place in Environmental Engineering
  • Sarah Wells-Moran: 2nd place in Embedded Systems
  • Gabe Mukobi: 1st place in Embedded Systems and American Institute of Aeronautics & Astronauts Scholarship

Invited to compete in the International Science and Engineering Fair in May:

Rahul Ram, Odessa Thompson, Rose Leveen, and Bailey Segall.

From left to right: Duy Vuong, Shicon Wen (CHS/MST Class of ’14), Rahul Ram, Sarah Wells-Moran