CHS Math Club American Math Competition

The CHS Math club will be hosting the American Math Competition test/s for this year. The tests given will be the AMC 10a on February 3, the AMC 10b on February 25 and the AMC 12b on February 25. Both AMC 10 tests are of same difficulty and the AMC 12 is harder. Freshmen and sophomores can take the AMC 10 and 12 level tests while juniors and seniors can only take the AMC 12. The students won’t have to pay for the tests and anyone from any math class can join as the tests focus mainly on problem solving skills rather than raw knowledge. There is no penalty for doing poorly on the tests and if someone does well, they can use this as a resume builder. People who excel have the chance of being invited to the American Invitational Mathematics Examination later in the year. Please ask Jason Kim ( for more information and visit:

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