MST Sr. Joy Young Spreads Wings in Research

Big news for CHS/MST senior Joy Young, whose work was recently recognized in the Columbian. Here’s an overview of the journey she took through this multi-year intership. Check it out:

During her junior year at CHS in 2021, Joy was accepted by the Institute of Engineering in Medicine (IEM) at the University of California San Diego (UCSD) as a research intern for the summer of 2021 under the guidance of research scientist Dr. Linda Shi and Professor Michael Berns. Berns is particularly noted for his work as a biomedical laser pioneer. Young was accepted back in the summer of 2022 as a team leader, allowing her to further enrich her technical skills and leadership capabilities while continuing her work.

Ms. Young’s work at UCSD resulted in multiple presentations at professional conferences and authorship credits in which she is working towards publications, some of which are catalogued below, others are pending:

Congratulations to Joy on her fruitful, multi-year internship where she put her experience from the MST Magnet program to work. Cheers!

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