Inspiring Girls Program – Tuition Free!

Inspiring Girls Exhibitions offers tuition free in-person and virtual expeditions for high school girls (ages 16-17) to empower them to lead and succeed through science, art, and outdoor exploration. Their expeditions are led by professional women scientists, artists, and wilderness guides. Throughout each expedition, the team engages in scientific and artistic inquiry about the environment around them. In small groups, participants design and conduct scientific projects, which they present to the public on the last full day of their expeditions.

CHS/MST grad Odessa Thompson (’20), currently attending Cornell University, participated in the Girls on Ice Alaska exhibition in the summer leading up to her senior year. She had a transformative experience on the exhibition. I asked her for her opinion on the program and experience, and here’s what she said:

“I found myself up on a glacier in Alaska the summer before my senior year. Somehow I was chosen for a 12-day tuition-free summer program specifically for high school girls curious about science, art, and their physical environment. It was so perfectly attuned to my interests, I originally thought it was a scam. Yet in July, I traveled to Fairbanks, Alaska, and hiked up Gulkana Glacier. Our team studied the climate and weather patterns, I climbed down into a crevasse to measure the sediment layers, and we painted the ice with watercolors at night. The environment was incredible not only because of the glacial views, but also because I was constantly being surrounded by a team of women determined to help us grow and aspire for more. It was an unparalleled experience and I learned so much, not just about glaciology, but also about who I was and who I wanted to be.”

Read all about their tuition free programs and offering here: Inspiring Girls Exhibitions

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