Ryan Gompertz CHS/MST Class of 2011

Ryan Gompertz (CHS, ’11) was among the first 32 brave Magnet pioneers who joined our brand new program in its inaugural year of 2007.  Like many of those 32 curious students who joined us that year, we were also just trying to figure out who we were as a program. I distinctly remember when Ryan came to me during his sophomore year in the program and told me, “Mr. Greene, I like science, math, and engineering and all, but I’m not sure I want a career in it …”  “Perfect!” I said.  What a gift to figure out at such a young age what you DON’T want to do with your life.

Ryan continued on in the program and was very successful in it and at CHS, but he stayed true to his realization, charting a course forward that would help him achieve his dreams. One such example came for him when he returned home from his freshman year at UW and ran as a 19 year old 2012 Democratic candidate for District 18b of the Washington House of Representatives. Though he didn’t advance to the final ballot, his candidacy inspired him and others to keep seeking and pursuing change.

Fast forward to 2018 and this past week when Assistant Attorney General Ryan Gompertz, Esq. was sworn in as an attorney in Olympia in the presence of the Supreme Court of the State of Washington. Bravo!

Congratulations, Ryan, on staying true to your realization and vision and being sworn in as a lawyer.  We are all so proud of you and look forward to tracking this next phase of your journey. Cheers!

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