Sep 26

DECA Girls Represent Publishes Schedule

Interested in learning about a new career, helping close the gender gap in the workforce, and getting some free snacks during lunch? Bring your lunch and a friend to the Girls Represent Lunchbox Talks! The DECA Girls Represent campaign aims to encourage girls to pursue careers lacking female representation. These Lunchbox Talks are a series of inspiring and informative talks delivered by female professionals in underrepresented fields. The talks will take place during A/B Lunch in the CHS Library on most Tuesdays in October. Everyone is welcome! Speakers include:

  • 10/2 – Dr. Carolyn Long (Local candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives)
  • 10/9 – Dr. Kiki Sanford (CEO/Entrepreneur & “This Week in Science” Podcast Host)
  • 10/16 – Dr. Cynthia Cooper (Professor of Molecular Biosciences at WSU-V)
  • 10/30 – Dana Lukens (Former Military Staff Sergeant, Current Director of Global Logistics at Emerald Kalama)