Senior Spotlight: Sarah Chesley

In light of the ongoing disruption that Coronavirus poses to our lives, which includes the cancellation of our annual MST Research Symposium, we are publishing a series of posts on seniors and their research that have been peer selected for excellence.

We asked each selected student to give us info on their abstract, the biggest takeaway from their internship, and something they were excited about for the upcoming year, as well as a few photos.  This first post covers MST senior Sarah Chesley.

Ms. Chesley completed her internship at OHSU’s Balance Disorders Laboratory. She collected and analyzed human subject data on the intersection of fatigue and balance impairment in people with multiple sclerosis. Using motion tracking sensors, her team observed several fatigue-sensitive measurements that signified exacerbated balance impairments in people with MS. Read more on her research here: The Impact of Multiple Sclerosis Related Fatigue on Pre-existing Gait and Balance Impairments

When asked about the biggest takeaway she drew from her internship, she said, “My mentor was expecting a baby very soon, so within a week or two I had taken over her role in data collection almost entirely. Though we as students have less experience, we shouldn’t underestimate the skills we already have, but approach new opportunities with confidence.”

As for next year and fall, she’s most excited about “… studying at UCLA’s Samueli School of Engineering for Bioengineering and living in Los Angeles, one of the most diverse cities in the world … I’m also going to be living 20 minutes from Santa Monica, so I’m looking forward to beach trips and warm weather.” 

Congratulations on the successful internship and your impending graduation from high school, Sarah!

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