Senior Spotlight: Chloe Higgins

In light of the ongoing disruption that Coronavirus poses to our lives, which includes the cancellation of our annual MST Research Symposium, we are publishing a series of posts on seniors and their research that have been peer selected for excellence.

We asked each selected student to give us info on their abstract, the biggest takeaway from their internship, and something they were excited about for the upcoming year, as well as a few photos.  This post covers MST senior Chloe Higgins.

Ms Higgins completed her internship with MarriageTeam, a non-profit organization that focuses on coaching couples to improve or prepare for their marriages. Her research included compiling and analyzing data measuring different couples’ experimentally defined abuse levels and their relative amount of success in coaching. This research contributed to the ongoing question as to whether coaching, as opposed to counseling, is a feasible solution to abusive marriages. The conclusions of her research are detailed here: Marriage Coaching as a More Viable Solution to Combat Abusive Marriages

When asked about the biggest takeaway she drew from her internship, she said, “The biggest takeaway I got from my internship was to be comfortable with the uncomfortable. If you feel like you’re not going to be good at something, that’s only more reason to try, and eventually you’ll learn. The dread you feel now is almost always unnecessary. Confidence is key. Also, take pictures at your internship, PLEASE.”

As for next year when she’s studying at Pepperdine University, she reports that she’s ” … most excited about exploring all of the opportunities available for me in my new environment, be it career, volunteer, academic, or extracurricular related. College is the perfect time to really discover what you are passionate about and what your core ideals are. I’m very excited to grow in any and all ways!!”

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