Micah’s Miles Volunteering Opportunity

CHS/MST junior and published author Mackenzie Snell emailed and asked for our help in spreading the word about a volunteering opportunity that would help benefit the nonprofit Micah’s Miles. See below for her message and an opportunity to sign up for this if you’d like.

“Micah’s Miles has teamed up with Why Racing (a running club in Vancouver)!  They have offered for Micah’s Miles nonprofit to be the beneficiary of the Kids Race event on Friday, Aug. 16, 2019 IF we can fill 40 volunteer spot just for Friday night.

I am reaching out to everyone we know to see if you might be interested in volunteering to help a great cause!

It should be a lot of FUN! Here is the link if you are willing and able to volunteer.  You are welcome to sign your spouse up and any friends that want to come with…We HAVE to have 40 volunteers in order to be the beneficiary of this event!  When/if you do sign up, it will ask you if you are volunteering for a non profit, say YES and then write in Micah’s Miles.


Just a few important things for this:

  1. We must HAVE 40 volunteers
  2. We need ALL the volunteers to sign up for ONLY Friday
  3. The volunteers MUST say they are helping with the nonprofit “Micah’s Miles” when they sign up
  4. Sign up soon to make sure we get all the spots we need filled .”

P.S. Here’s an interview Lacamas Magazine did with Kenzie last fall about her brother Micah and the book she wrote about him. This is directly related to Micah’s Miles, the nonprofit she’s talking about here and hoping to get your help with.  Check it out:

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