CHS/MST Class of 2013 Grad Abbie Younkin Speaks!

December and January are great months for reflection as we close one year and start another. For me, that’s often sparked by visits from former students. I’ll be sharing some of those updates here on this page, asking them to share what they’ve been up to, the lessons they’ve learned and applied in their lives, etc. For this post, I’m sharing with you some insights from Abbie Younkin, CHS/MST class of 2013.


Hi Magnetos,

My name is Abbie Younkin. I graduated from CHS in 2013 and went on to major in Biology with a Chemistry minor from Seattle Pacific University. I always thought that medical school was the route that I was going to (and had to) take. I had pre-health advisors that really pushed the idea of medical school, but as I progressed I realized how many other career options there are in healthcare, science and medicine alike! Here are some other paths you may consider if you are unsure that medical school is right for you:

The list could go on but I have considered and researched almost all of these paths at some point in my life, so if you are at a crossroad or have questions, please feel free to reach out to me. I am currently working as a Patient Care Coordinator for Providence in Spokane, WA where I work with physicians and our clinical team to create treatment plans for chronic patients. This often ranges to diabetic education to cancer treatment options. I am also pursuing my Masters in Healthcare Administration while I finish up prerequisites for PA school. I have explored a lot of options and it is okay to not know exactly what/where you want to be! Just be wise and keep your options open to possibilities you may not have considered!

I would also HIGHLY recommend medical mission trips or any mission work possible! Last summer I spent two months in Vietnam serving over 8,000 patients in rural communities. We set up a mobile clinic in a different site each day and provided optical care, medical consultation, physical therapy, medications, vaccinations, and public health services with physicians from the Seattle area. It was an absolutely humbling and amazing experience that completely affirmed my love for medicine and serving those who need it most. Please consider serving those even in your local community as it will give insight into suffering and humanity at its most pure.

Please feel free to reach out to me with any thoughts or questions you may have and I would be happy to offer any advice possible!



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