Mar 07

Admissions Testing Scheduled for Monday, 03/12/18

Thank you for your interest in the MST Magnet program. Students who have submitted an application by the deadline of this Friday, March 9th, by 3:00 PM, are eligible to take the admissions test. Here is some information on the testing portion of the admissions process that we’ve publicized.

The testing date is Monday, March 12th, and it will take place in the North Commons at CHS. In District students will be busesd from their home school to CHS that day around 12:15 PM. We are coordinating this with your middle school staff.  If you are from out of District, it will be your responsibility to arrange transportation for your student to CHS by 12:30 PM on that day.  Those students may check in at the front office when they arrive. All students should be ready for pick up from CHS at approximately 5:30 PM. The departure time may vary slightly depending on how long it takes to pass out and collect materials.

The test consists of two sections. During the first section, students will be working on a verbal and a math test and will have 2.5 hours to complete it. We will then take a break where snacks will be provided. After the break, students will have 1 hour to complete a writing prompt.

Students should plan on bringing #2 pencils for the test. They may also bring water and any special snack they would like to have during snack time. They will not need to bring a calculator, as they are not allowed on the math section.

If you have any questions, please contact Tom Morris or Sam Greene at Camas High School.