May 03

Rising Seniors Placed in M.I.T. Summer Program


Rising MST seniors Noah Thompson and Daniel Fan participated this winter and spring in pre-requisite, online coursework via the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) as one step in their goal of earning placement in the prestigious Beaver Works Summer Institute to be held over four weeks on the MIT campus in Cambridge, Massachusetts. We just received notification this week that their efforts paid off, with both students earning fully-funded, residential placement in this summer’s program. Bravo!

“Beaver Works is a joint venture between MIT Lincoln Laboratory and the MIT School of Engineering that is envisioned as an incubator for research and innovation. Beaver Works facilitates project-based learning, a hallmark of an MIT education, and leverages the expertise and enthusiasm of MIT faculty, students, researchers, and Lincoln Laboratory staff to broaden partnerships with MIT campus and students.” According to Robert Shin, the director of the Beaver Works, “The goal of the Beaver Works Summer Institute is to offer a truly challenging learning experience to exceptional high school students with an interest in STEM.”

Congratulations, Noah and Daniel, on earning placement in this prestigious MIT program! Check out this video of the MIT BWSI to get a deeper sense of what they’ll be doing this summer.