College Admissions and the “GPA Game”

Sophomore Magnet English students had a wonderful visit today from our esteemed Magnet counselor Mrs. Liebe. She walked us through an activity called “The GPA Game”, where students assume an identity and move up and down the ladder of admissions based on their fictional profile’s characteristics: GPA, extracurricular involvement, family connections, work history, etc. It came through loud and clear for the students that getting into college is no longer as simple as getting a great GPA. Here’s how she describes this activity:

“It is easy to assume that grades alone are the factor that determine college admission. While grades are very important they are not the sole determiner. For a moment think of college admissions as an entire pie that is divided into multiple “slices.” These “slices” include grades, SAT/ACT scores, teacher and counselor recommendations, extra-curricular activities, rigor of courses taken, geography, and more. Students playing the GPA game experience firsthand how the holistic and subjective admission process works while gaining an understanding of the impacts character, integrity, social media and work ethic have when accessing post high school options.”

We finished the visit with a short video clip that gives an inside look at the admissions process. The video is well worth the time … check it out: Inside the College Admissions Process 20170202_104521

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