May 04

Cascades Volcano Observatory Open House!

“The USGS-Cascades Volcano Observatory opens its doors to the public on Saturday, May 12, 2018, for a one-day open house. Scientists will be on-hand from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm to share the results of their research and talk about volcano hazards. Hands-on activities and equipment demonstrations will be featured.” Check it out!  

Apr 27

Summer Transportation Institute 2018

For the third year in a row, Portland State University is hosting a Summer Transportation Institute for high school girls. This two-week residence camp offers any student entering the 9–12 grade who identifies as female an immersive introduction to the workings of the Portland transportation system.

Half of each day is spent in the classroom hearing from PSU faculty and guest lecturers from ODOT, the FHWA, the Portland Bureau of TransportationTriMet, the Port of Portland, and various other public and private transportation agencies that operate in the Portland metro area.

The other half is spent outside, in field tours of Portland’s transportation infrastructure and public spaces. Planners, engineers and designers come from all over the country to see Portland’s unique transportation system in action, and researchers use it as a testing ground for the most innovative solutions in safety, sustainability and livable efficiency.

Students are asked to choose a real-world transportation problem to investigate and use the skills they have gained to present a solution at the end of the course. Hands-on activities introduce students to GIS and transportation modeling software, and show how to use advanced technologies to achieve community goals.

APPLY TO ATTEND (closes April 29th)

Apr 27

Ahoy! MST Teacher Dean Goes to Sea!

CHS/MST teacher Jennifer Dean was recently selected to serve for two weeks on a NOAA research vessel in the highly competitive and coveted Teacher at Sea program. Congratulations, Mrs. Dean!  Read all about it in the Post Record: Camas teacher earns coveted spot on NOAA research ship She will be blogging from the deck of the NOAA ship Pisces from May 12th through the 24th, so check her blog to get the latest updates: Dean Blogs on the Pisces

Apr 26

2018 MST Research Symposium

We’d like to cordially invite you to join us in the CHS commons and theater on Wednesday, May 23rd, 2018, for the 11th annual Camas High School Magnet Program Student Research Symposium.

At this annual event, students from grades 9-12 will present their research findings from this year’s study of a wide range of project topics, showcasing their hard work in the program and giving them a chance to demo their findings in front of a live audience of peers and parents. In the second half of the evening, a few of these students will also make formal presentations of their work and MST experiences in the theater.

We look forward to seeing you at Camas High School on Wednesday, May 23rd, 2018. Please join us in celebrating their work!

Thank you,

MST Staff and Students


6:00 – 7:00 p.m.

  • Poster fair and social in the CHS commons
  • Refreshments provided

7:15-8:15 p.m.

  • Brief remarks in the CHS theater
  • Presentation of selected team research projects
  • Closing remarks

Apr 13

CHS/MST Program Featured in IT Promo Video

The MST Magnet program had the rare opportunity this past fall to be interviewed for a feature documentary being produced to highlight the opportunities and challenges in STEM education as we move into the 21st century.  Our contribution to Imagining Tomorrow: STEM and the Future of Work is just a fraction of the overall video, but It’s very well done and worth a look if you’re interested in this topic.

Among the many insights and potential future shifts gleaned from the research for the documentary, these four stood out to the directors and producers:

1. Succeeding by Failing – utilizing more trial and error and scientific method.
2. Extended Conversations – fostering career connected learning face to face.
3. Students Leading – encouraging self-directed student programs and projects.
4. Learning to Learn – emphasizing process, problem-solving communications.

How will we meet these challenges and opportunities? Hmmmm.


Mar 28

WSSEF 2018 Results

34 of our students competed in the Washington State Science and Engineering Fair this past weekend. Congratulations to all of them who represented our school and their research with pride. Particular shout-outs go to the following people:


  • Alex Gee, Mark Robinson, and Jaden Le: 1st place in Environmental Engineering
  • Owen Baenen and Justine Pentergraft: 1st place in Energy
  • Gareth Starratt, George Walker, and Auny Kussad: 2nd place in Microbiology
  • Kate Staddon, Sophia Nelson, and  Rylee Ruark: 1st place in Environmental Science
  • Ben Saunders and Austin Ye: 1st place in Mechanical Engineering, $8000 Embry Riddle Launch Scholarship, U.S. Air Force Award for an Outstanding SEF Project, Excellence in Aeronautics Award
  • Michael Lee and Andrew Kim: 1st place in Environmental Science
  • Joey Stanley, Wilson Fresh, and Tyler Stanley: 1st place in Environmental Engineering
  • Tyler Gee and Julian McOmie: US Army Award


  • Hannah Tangen, Kathryn Wynn, and Sierra Mellor: 1st place in Environmental Engineering
  • Jacob Mukobi: 2nd place in Environmental Engineering category.
  • Junha Lee: 1st place in Microbiology category; US Army STEM Award, Wolfram Alpha STEM Award
  • Alexis Howard: 2nd place in Computational Engineering


  • Rahul Ram: 2nd place in Computational Biology


  • Duy Vuong: 1st place in Environmental Engineering
  • Sarah Wells-Moran: 2nd place in Embedded Systems
  • Gabe Mukobi: 1st place in Embedded Systems and American Institute of Aeronautics & Astronauts Scholarship

Invited to compete in the International Science and Engineering Fair in May:

Rahul Ram, Odessa Thompson, Rose Leveen, and Bailey Segall.

From left to right: Duy Vuong, Shicon Wen (CHS/MST Class of ’14), Rahul Ram, Sarah Wells-Moran

Mar 22

Admissions Decision Update

The MST staff are in the process of finalizing admissions decisions for the 2018-19 cohort. We expect to notify families by the middle part of next week, 03/28/18, at the earliest. Thank you again for your interest in the program.

Mar 07

Admissions Testing Scheduled for Monday, 03/12/18

Thank you for your interest in the MST Magnet program. Students who have submitted an application by the deadline of this Friday, March 9th, by 3:00 PM, are eligible to take the admissions test. Here is some information on the testing portion of the admissions process that we’ve publicized.

The testing date is Monday, March 12th, and it will take place in the North Commons at CHS. In District students will be busesd from their home school to CHS that day around 12:15 PM. We are coordinating this with your middle school staff.  If you are from out of District, it will be your responsibility to arrange transportation for your student to CHS by 12:30 PM on that day.  Those students may check in at the front office when they arrive. All students should be ready for pick up from CHS at approximately 5:30 PM. The departure time may vary slightly depending on how long it takes to pass out and collect materials.

The test consists of two sections. During the first section, students will be working on a verbal and a math test and will have 2.5 hours to complete it. We will then take a break where snacks will be provided. After the break, students will have 1 hour to complete a writing prompt.

Students should plan on bringing #2 pencils for the test. They may also bring water and any special snack they would like to have during snack time. They will not need to bring a calculator, as they are not allowed on the math section.

If you have any questions, please contact Tom Morris or Sam Greene at Camas High School.

Mar 05

Gabe Speaks: CHS/MST Sr. Reflects on Fly-in Visits at Four Major Universities

CHS/MST senior Gabe Mukobi wasn’t quite sure where he wanted to go to college, so he took advantage of a little known program that many universities support called pre-admission fly-in. The basic idea of these programs is that, “One of the most important factors in deciding if a college is right for you is whether or not you can picture yourself as a member of campus. For many students this means a campus visit. If the college isn’t nearby, however, traveling to visit the college might not be possible due to financial limitations. The good news is that several colleges offer free fly-in programs, travel assistance scholarships, overnight programs and diversity programming that comes at little or no cost to students accepted to their programs!” (College Greenlight). Gabe spent part of the fall doing just that, visiting four colleges far from home, including Rice University, Columbia University, MIT, and CalTech. Read his story and advice here: Gabe Speaks!

Mar 04

MST Students Rock SW Washington SEF!

Congrats are in order to the 50 MST students who competed in this week’s science and engineering fair regional tournament. Best of Fair goes to Rahul Ram and runner up to the Bioplastics Team—Odessa Thompson, Rose Leveen, and Bailey Segall. These students get to compete in the International Science and Engineering Fair in May. All of our students made Camas proud and many earned medals in their respective categories.

Best of Fair: Rahul Ram (earned all-expense paid trip to Pittsburgh for the International Science and Engineering Fair.)

Runner-Up to Best of Fair: Team Bioplastics (Odessa Thompson, Bailey Segall, and Rose Leveen). (Also earned all-expense paid trips to the International Science and Engineering Fair.)

Category Awards:

  • Cellular Biology: 1st to Abigail Jiang
  • Computational Biology: 1st to Rahul Ram and Sarah Wells-Moran (tie)
  • Environmental Science: 3rd t to Akash Prasad Ivan Delic
  • Embedded Systems: 1st to Gabe Mukobi
  • Physical Science: 1st to Owen Baenen and Justine Pentergraft
  • Engineering Mechanics: 1st to Benjamin Saunders and Austin Ye
  • Environmental Engineering: 1st to Bailey Segall, Odessa Thompson, and Rose Leveen; 2nd to Kathryn Wynn, Hannah Tangen, and Sierra Mellor; and 3rd to Rylee Ruark, Sophia Nelson, and Kate Staddon
  • Microbiology: 1st to Junha Lee; and 2nd to Gareth Starratt; and George Walker
  • Robotics: 1st to Julian McOmie and Tyler Gee

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