Welcome to the 2021 School Year!

Things are off to a running start at CHS and in the MST Magnet Program. How nice it is to have all of us back under one physical “roof”, reveling in each other’s presence and basking in the glory of in person school. This feeling was no more underscored than it was during our annual freshman MST orientation that was held on 8/25 from 330-545pm at CHS. There was much needed laughter and safe togetherness as students, staff, and upperclassmen played ice breakers and competed in the annual Magnet Olympics. Congratulations to  the black team on being crowned this year’s winners of the games. Their names will be inscribed on our trophy and preserved for posterity for years to come. The winners are Cai D., Cody A., Logan V., Bethany M., Jenny W., and Angela Y.

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