Youth Hand in Hand Tutoring Project

With the reduction in activities last spring due to COVID-19, CHS/MST Magnet Junior Sunny Wang and several of his friends founded a nonprofit organization, Youth Hand in Hand, as a way to provide free educational opportunities to younger students through online learning. Using a completely student-led platform where all the teachers are high school students, they offer Zoom classes across a wide range of subjects, such as mathematics, biology, physics, and programming. Extracurricular subjects are offered as well, such as music theory, music production, and cartooning. They also recently created a tutoring program where students can sign up for individual one on one sessions with the teachers.

It started off as a small project, but with the high demand throughout the summer, the organization rapidly grew, at one point having around twenty teachers and several hundred students. Currently, despite school being in session, classes are still going strong, with many focusing on their school related subjects.

If any of you are interested in teaching a class or tutoring some younger students, feel free to contact Sunny at or take a look at the Youth Hand in Hand website.

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