2013 Magnet Graduate Hollar Earns Research Award

Recent CHS / MST Magnet grad Sierra Hollar was awarded a $2,000 summer research grant by Boise State University and their STEM Summer Research Community.  “The Boise State Summer Research Community  program hosts several activities in partnership with several student research programs to involve the participants to unique interdisciplinary learning and research opportunities. Interaction with peers from a variety of disciplines provides an academically enriching environment.” The award is given to only one student per semester.

From her winning proposal that was peer reviewed by a scholar in Germany: “I wish to engage in the study of a novel group of symbiotic organisms, trichomycetes, in order to develop skills and expertise that will offer a contribution to the larger scientific community. This research could potentially yield new discoveries of both different microorganisms and candidate hosts, as well as give insight into habitats, traditional methods to preserve, and even prospective ways in which to harness, cultivate, and observe them in detail.”

Congratulations, Sierra!

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