Jan 08

Magnet Senior Sheth Published in Journal

Magnet Senior Meghal Sheth’s internship work over the last year or so took her to WSU Vancouver where she worked in partnership with Dr. Allison Coffin to better understand the effects of toxins in the environment by studying zebrafish.  Through this work, Ms. Sheth has received her first co-author credit via the publication of their work in the Journal of NeuroToxicology, which “specializes in publishing the best peer-reviewed original research papers dealing with the effects of toxic substances on the nervous system of humans and experimental animals of all ages…” Congratulations, Meghal!  See below for a brief snippet from the study’s abstract:

“Environmental toxicants such as bisphenol-A (BPA) and polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) are prevalent in our water supply, soil, and many food products and can profoundly affect the central nervous system. Both BPA and PCBs can disrupt endocrine signaling, which is important for auditory development and function, but the effect of these toxicants on the auditory periphery is not understood. In this study we investigated the effect of PCB-95 and BPA on lateral line development, function, and regeneration in larval zebrafish.”